Goal Review and Renew

Goal 1: I want to feel I have a novel publishable or accepted by 2010 Worldcon. No reason why not after all. 2010 is my magic year. By then I will know if I am serious about writing, and if I am I will have a better idea of my capabilities and strengths. I will be able to decide about Clarion or University, or even Honours/Postgrad stuff.

Specific Goals:

Jan - complete this draft of Book 1 (Ican Quintuplet)
Feb - go over edit of Nanowrimo novel. Period of growth and learning! Eep!
Mar - consider future options, uni, schooling, writing, editing, etc.

Apr - Re-evaluate next quarter and sort out goals and plans etc

How do I feel about the goals currently?
Good. Things are moving. I've stuck with finishing this draft even though it's much harder work than writing a whole new book. I've got the edited Nano novel ready to go, and some notes about my big issues for me to work on before I tackle it. I'm looking forward to February, hoping it will give me the big learning curve I have been seeking.